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The myth of spot reduction

The myth of spot reduction You can't specifically lose belly fat by isolating your abs. When exercising, the muscle that is under the fat layer will perform the exercise. It's not a muscle that needs the attention. Abdominal exercises benefit the muscles under fat, but do nothing for the fat layer that covers the muscle. The jiggly stuff around your mid section is not untoned muscle, nor is it flab that can be firmed up or converted to muscle. IT IS FAT and can only be reduced as a part of a whole-body fat loss plan You can have well-developed abdominal muscles under fat, but you won't see it, and this fat layer will stay the same until you follow your diet and exercise program,regardless of how many sit-ups, or crunches , or leg raises, you do. If you do daily abdominal exercises and / or high repetitions of abdominal crunches or leg raises, you still believe you are shrinking the area. STOP IT. This is a waste of time. It is not working and will not work in the future. If you think your abdominal muscles are burning, during your crunches with a high number of repetitions is proof that your belly fat has melted, you are mistaken. This burning is lactic acid, which occurs in the muscles and does not occur in fat. You can't choose where to remove fat from your body, just like you can't choose where to add fat to your body. It's a physiological fact. To reduce the fat around your abdomen, you need to put your entire body in fat loss mode. Have you seen someone with ripped abs who has fat elsewhere? You must get leaner overall to get a lean midsection.



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