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Setting out on a Fitness Journey with no map: It can still be a lot of fun, challenging and maybe even get results, but it's far less efficient and focused than when you have a map

I spend time reviewing fitness assessments, daily commitments and overall goals, to determine a detailed training plan. This is a Fitness road map. It has a beginning, middle and end. It will likely be about three months long with monthly check points, adjustments, and rest days built it. In order to improve, there will be tough workouts (only after you learn proper technique and build up your core stability). These hard efforts will progress naturally and be followed by rest days. I will also continue adding intensity and new exercises in a progressive manner that makes sense.

The worst trainers have no plan, no road map and will throw random exercises into training sessions or make it up on the spot. It's one thing to make modifications to training programs based upon ability, injuries or challenges, but it's not OK to wing it.

Joey Clark

Concentric Fitness

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