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I put this together for any level of TRX. 12 of the core TRX exercises you should learn. Enjoy! 💪 THE TRX DIRTY DOZEN☠️ All exercises should be performed for 30 seconds or 8 – 15 reps Do all 12 exercises in sequence, then repeat circuit three to five times total This workout should be done in 45 minutes or less 30 seconds to 1.5 minute breaks between each circuit. TRX length adjustments: Long: fully lengthened so the bottom of each cradle is about 3 inches off the floor Mid Calf: Adjust the straps so the bottom of each foot cradle is at mid calf level, roughly 8 to 12 inches off the ground. Mid Length: adjust straps to double yellow lines Short: fully shorten straps to single yellow line. Modified position for TRX Front Plank and TRX Crunch is on forearms TRX SQUATS - mid length TRX HAMSTRING CURLS - mid calf TRX CHEST PRESS - long TRX LOW ROW - short TRX HIGH ROW - short TRX FRONT PLANK - mid calf TRX BICEPS CURL - mid length TRX TRICEPS PRESS - mid length TRX CRUNCH - mid calf TRX Y FLY - mid length TRX STANDING HIP DROPS - long TRX OVERHEAD BACK EXTENSIONS - long

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