Got Injury?

Got Injury?

So, it has happened. The unthinkable…the uncontrollable….an injury! Not just any injury though you have broken something. What happens now? Well as easy as it is to rest with tissues and bonbons dreaming about the day you are fully healed, for most fitness minded people this won’t be an option. So how do you use the experience that might not start off so positive into motivation to move further on your fitness journey?

Having this experience just happen to me, I thought it would be key to lay down a few tips to keep you moving. I broke my thumb. Anyone that knows me knows that this was not ideal timing now or ever. But here are some thoughts that are helping me through this moment that could have been a real stumbling block.

Training Around A Broken Thumb:

A broken thumb will mainly present challenges with grip intensive exercises like Rows or Deadlifts and moves that support your body weight like push-ups. You can easily substitute exercises that train similar movement patterns and muscle groups.

Substitutions for the Deadlift: Hip Thrusts, Step ups and back extensions to target glutes and hamstrings with no grip required.