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Essential Supplement List

1. Protein Powder: Whey protein is used to build and repair muscle. Whey protein is absorbed easily, digested quickly and tastes good.

Three Forms of Whey Protein

Whey Concentrate: Cheapest to produce contains some fat and lactose contains 35% to 80% protein by weight and depending on quality.

Whey Isolate: is produced with no fat or lactose contains 90+% protein by weight and more expensive to manufacture than whey concentrates thus being more expensive to the consumer.

Whey Hydro-Isolate: Predigested form of whey protein that is very easily absorbed free of allergens found in milk products. Hydro-Isolate is the most expensive to produce.

Check ingredient list and serving sizes and the amount of protein per serving. A high quality whey should have whey concentrate, isolate or hydro isolate listed as the first ingredients. The scoop size should be relatively close to the actual amount of protein per serving.

2. Multi Vitamin:

If you eat a wide variety of foods every day, you may get everything you need in the way of vitamins and minerals from your food. But most people are not, and supplementation can help with that. I take a multi-vitamin everyday for this reason.

3. Fish Oil: Fish oil is mixture of fatty acids, two that provide great benefits to the body are (EPA) and (DHA) also know as Omega 3 fatty acids. Considered essential fatty acids and they cannot be synthesized by the body. They must be obtained through your diet. The most popular omega 3 fatty acids are fish oil and Flax or hemp seeds.

Studies have shown fish oil supplementation can help with: Increase in muscle protein synthesis Reduce muscle soreness Decrease blood pressure Improve memory and cognitive performance Prevent weight gain and speed up fat loss

4. Creatine Mono Hydrate: Creatine is found naturally in the body and in foods like red meat. Creatine mono hydrate has been heavily researched in the world of sports nutrition - the subject of over 200 studies.

Benefits of Creatine: Help build muscle and improve strength Improve anaerobic endurance Reduce muscle damage and soreness from exercise In a healthy test subject there are no harmful side effects in short term and long-term use. If you have kidney disease it is not advised to use creatine. If creatine monohydrate brothers your stomach like it does to mine, try a more water-soluble form of creatine such as creatine hydro-choloride.

5. Glutamine: Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, and is heavily depleted by intense, prolonged exercise.

Benefits of Glutamine: Reduce the negative effects of prolonged exercise of the exercise on the immune system. Improve your endurance and reduce fatigue in the prolonged exercise. Help your body better deal with systematic stress of prolonged exercise Glutamine may not provide an anabolic boost, it’s anti-stress and anti-fatigue benefits make it a worthwhile buy if you exercise regularly, intensely and for prolonged periods.

6. Pre- Workout: Are these products worth it, or are you better off popping a few caffeine pills or drinking an espresso instead? Caffeine is a useful pre-workout stimulant that can increase muscle endurance and strength, but the fact is plenty of other safe natural substances that can further improve your performance…IF dosed properly. A Good pre-workout supplement is worth the investment. It will give you a kick of energy, good pump, and increased muscle endurance.

What to look out for in a pre-work out: No Proprietary blends More ingredients don’t mean a better product Look for properly dosed ingredients

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